About journal


Culture and Arts Herald (until 13.10.2016 published under the title of Herald of the Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts) has been issued since 2002 and belongs to a number of leading scientific periodicals. At present it is issued quarterly. According to the scientific electronic library (eLIBRARY) Science Index it occupies the second position of all Russian journals included in the List of Higher Certification Commission in the field of ‟Art. Art Historyˮ, and the eighth position in the field of ‟Culture. Culturology”.

Our journal publishes scientific researches results of scientists known not only in Russia but abroad as well. Among them are K. Kolin, A. Ursul, A. Sokolov, A. Flier etc.

Herald of the Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts was included into the List of leading scientific publications (on December 1, 2015) under review which have to publish basic scientific results of doctoral and candidate’s researches.

The journal publishes the articles in the following fields of study:

17.00.00. Art history;

24.00.00. Culturology (Culture science);

05.25.00. Documentary medium

Electronic version of the journal is sent to Universal Electronic Scientific Library and is introduced into the Russian scientific quotation index database.