Culture and Arts Herald. 2021. No 3 (67)


Kolin K. Social Informatics in Science and Education 7
Stoliarov YU. Elements of Book Culture in the Fabulous Folklore of the Dzhuguri People 24
Poltavskaya E. Some Essays about a Scientific Library
Article 5. The Use of Bibliometry in Studying the Quality of a Scientific and Research Library 40
Kumanova A. Professor A. V. Mamontov: The Phenomenon of Game- and Play-Principles and the Philosophy of the Unity, Perceived as a Set, Multilevel Multidimensional Information Space and Secondary-Documental Information (to the History and the Methodology of the Humanitarian Knowledge)  49


Sinetskii S., Shub M. Cultural Policy in the Context of Diversity and Identity Contradictions 75
Smirnov B. Domra Playing Art in Sociocultural Space (about New Dissertation) 85
Khasuev А., Yarychev N. Modern Subcultural Communities: to the Analysis of Gender Specific Features of Self-Presentation in Internet Space 92
Kirillova N., Lebedeva V. Creative Potential of Stop-Motion Animation as a Screen Culture Phenomenon in Digital Age 97
Zdanowicz-Cyganiak K. Publicity in Confessional Culture – the Media Context 108
Vorontsova S. The Problem of Image Saturation in Contemporary Painting 115
Shlykova O. Digital Practices of Public Art: «Smart» Сity Communication Strategies 124

of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts

Nikolaeva L. A. International Cooperation in Science of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts 137

Authors 143
Rules of Review and Publication of Scientific Articles 148

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