Culture and Arts Herald. 2021. No 4 (68)


Stolyarov YU. N. The Theme of the Book Is in the Fabulous Folklore of the Dzhuguri People 7


Yarychev N. U. Memorial Culture in the Mirror of Humanities: Current Research Trends 15
Berestova T. F. Dispute on the Values of Russia and the West: Library-bibliographic Aspect 22
Łukasiewicz K. A Few Remarks on the History of the Idea of Culture 38
Kosowska E. Henryk Sienkiewicz – Cultural Causes Behind Growth and Crisis of His Popularity 46
Shilov D. N. P. N. Demichev – Minister of Culture of the USSR During the “Stagnation” Era (biographical sketch) 55
Lekus E. YU. Monumental Propaganda as the Expression of the Social and Cultural Contradictions in the Soviet System of the 1920s 70
Zaikova O. N. Ecology of Advertising from the Cultural Vision of the Problem Viewpoint 80
Verkhovykh I. A. Mission of Humanitarian Education During Anthropological Crisis 90
Bychkov V. V. Music for Russian Folk Instruments by V. IA. Semenenko: the Foundations of a Culturological Approach to Research 97

of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts

Dissertation committee. IU Tarasova 105
A Summary of Progress and Prospects
Russian National Competition “F. M. Dostoevskii: Library’s Photo Zone” 107
“Eurasia 2022: the Social and Humanitarian Space in the Era of Globalization and Digitalization” 109
Gushul IU. Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts: Translation of Scientific Knowledge 111
New Publication 122

Authors 127
Rules of Review and Publication of Scientific Articles 132

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