Culture and Arts Herald. 2022. No 1 (69)


Pleshkevich E. A. History of the Russian Libraries: to the Origins of Methodological Ideas (Based on the Materials of the Pre-Revolutionary Literature) (beginning) 7
Stolyarov YU. N. The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night is an Outstanding Phenomenon of Medieval Biblioculture of the Arab East 18


Flier A. IA. Human Activity as a Kind of Matter Movement in the Universe 29
Rushanin V. IA., Zubanova L. B. History of Erikh Gollerbakh’s Collection: Historical-cultural Perspective 37
Shub M. L. Zagulyaeva Z. A. Semiotic Environment of a Closed Nuclear City as a Marker of Local Identity 48
Sokovikov S. S. Jazz in the Space of Spectacular Culture 54
Kosowska E. Needle Hole of the Translation 62
Seryakov A. V. The Problem of the Artistic Image in Contemporary Art 71
Tomilov YU. V. Ural School of Animation: New Age Trends 77
Sulejmanova G. K. Review of the Classifications of Munajats of the Volga Tatars in a Historical Context 87
Rykov S. S. Amateur Marathon Races as an Event: Organization, Classification and Social-Cultural Effects 94


Andreeva I. V. General Problems of Reconstruction and Historical Heritage Popularization
(Ancient and Traditional Cultures in Interaction with Life Environment: Problems of Historical Reconstruction. Chelyabinsk, 2021) 105


Shtoler A. V., Matveeva I. IU. Through Information and Space: in Memory of Tatiana Fedorovna Berestova 111

of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts

Culture – Art – Education. IU. V. Gushul 117
New Publication. E. V. Volkova 121

Index of materials published in the Culture and Arts Herald in 2021 123
Authors 128
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