Culture and Arts Herald. 2022. No 2 (70)


Stolyarov YU. N. Subject and Pictorial Writing in the Tales of the One Thousand and One Nights 7
Pleshkevich E. A. History of the Russian Libraries: to the Origins of Methodological Ideas (Based on the Materials
of the Pre-Revolutionary Literature) (ending) 16
Terentieva N. P. Transmedia Projects of Philology Students to Promote Books and Reading: Opportunities and Risks 26
Berezina A. V. Do Teenagers Need to Read Science Fiction: the Opinion of Russian Librarists 33
Vikhreva G. M., Podkorytova N. I., Fedotova O. P. Public Libraries in the Regional Infrastructure of Reading 42


Yarychev N. U. State Memorial Policy of the Chechen Republic: Strategic Directions Analysis 55
Ermolaev V. A. Gastronomy: History in the Socio-Cultural Context 62
Tatarkina A. R. Historical and Cultural Aspects in the Research of a Traditional Rag Doll 71
Schneider J. IU. Mentorship as a Research and Practical Artistic Activity 81
Parsheva E. M. Ethnocultural Synthesis as the Basis of Grigory Gorin’s Literary Works
(on the Example of the Movie-Essay “The Very Same Munchhausen”) 89


Gushul IU. V. Document-Information Space of Biographics: the Fate of the Creator and His Creations in Bibliographic Refl ection: Shishov Kirill Alekseevich. Сomp. N. V. Kharitonova. Chelyabinsk, 2021. 196 p. 99

of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts

Gushul IU. V. Scientific Research Activity of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts: Potential of Eurasian Integration 111
Dissertation Council. IU. B. Tarasova 120
New Publication. E. V. Volkova 121

Authors 125
Rules of Review and Publication of Scientific Articles 130

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