Culture and Arts Herald. 2022. No 3 (71)


Stolyarov Yu. N. Elements of Written Culture in the Tales of the One Thousand and One Nights 7

Poltavskaya E. I. Sheet Music as a Special Document in the Fund of Music Libraries 14

Rykhtorova A. E. “Do We Need Us?”: Academic Social Networks and CRIS in the Context of the Representation of a Scientist and the Completeness of Information about Scientific Research 24


Flier A. IA. Way of Living and Its Cultorological Analysis 35

Ovsyannikova N. V., Saenko L. A. The Modern Image and Image of Stavropol: a Socio-Cultural Analysis 42

Kitov Yu. V., Gertner S. L. Virtual Reality and Media as Subjects of the Socio Etymological Approach Analysis 52

Grigoriev S. L. The Role of Multiscreen Culture in the Formation of a New Socio-cultural Type of a Person 64

Lobanova Yu. V. Computer Video Game as a Socio-cultural Generator of Emotions 73

Kharakterov N. O. Reconstruction of Medieval Consciousness in the Constructed Middle Ages of J. R. R. Tolkien 82

Tabunova N. A. The Language of European Art in the Age of Enlightenment: Cultural Trends and the Power of Artistic Tradition 101

Rzhavitina A. A. Cat as a Cultural Code: Variability of Image Representations 112

Tokareva A. A. Intellectual Property Integration into Sociocultural Space 122


Gushul Iu. V. Tamara Borisovna Narskaya: Inspiring Others 131


Gushul Iu. V. Bibliographic Activities of Libraries: Potential for Interdisciplinary Work and Research 139

SCIENTIFIC LIFE of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts
New publications. E. V. Volkova 147

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