Culture and Arts Herald. 2023. No 1 (73)

Stolyarov Yu. N.
The Theme of the Book in the Tales of the One Thousand and One Nights 7

Berezina A. V., Bocharova A. V.
Young Adult Literature in the Reading Circle of High School Students: Theoretical and Empirical Research Results 14


Flier A. IA.
Five Culture Strategies as a Survival System 27

Markov A. P.
Images and Scenarios of the Future in Russian Humanitarian Thought 33

Kitov Yu. V., Gertner S. L.
Cultural Policy Fundamental Changes as a Subject of Cultural-Philosophical Analysis 43

Sozinova M. V., Melnikova A. A., Dmitrieva A. A., Uspenskaya A. V.
Cultural Transfer in the Social Sphere: Russian Specific Character 54

Vorobeva D. N.
Medieval Indian Temples Sounding Architecture 62

Rykov S. S. Myth-making in Amateur Marathon Races: Cultural Resources of Storytelling 69

Netreba E. S.
Workshop Type of Art Collaborations in the Historical Development of Russian Fine Arts 77


Smolina T. L., Melnikova A. A., Dmitrieva A. A.
Art as a Factor in Revealing Cultural Stereotypes of Russians and Poles: Main Provisions of the Research 85


Balash A. N.
Educational Museum Laboratory: Generalization and Conceptualization of Curatorial Experience 93

Pozdnyakova K. G.
Theory of Photography in 36 Chapters 96

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