Culture and Arts Herald. 2023. No 2 (74)

Stolyarov YU. N. The Koran, Muhammad, Biblical and Other Sacred Characters in the Tales of the One Thousand and One Nights 7
Lyutov S. N. Book Culture and Culture of Memory: Book-Keeping Researches in Modern Memory Problems Discourse 21

Yarychev N. U. Memorial Culture as a Current Research Trend 33
Sokovikov S. S. “Culture Theme” and “Cultural Projections” as Research Concepts 41
Sharonov V. I. Metania of Anatoly Vaneev. The Cultural and Theoretical Reconstruction of the Life and Spiritual Path of the Follower of Lev Karsavin. The wheir 52
Ermolaev V. A. Cultural Strategies in the Field of Nutrition 65
German O. G. Jazz Projections in Russian Cinema 74
Zhivitsa A. R. “Zventa Sventana” Ethnocultural Project Management as a Socio-Cultural Technology for Preserving and Updating Folklore 82
Yuldashbaeva A. SH. The Project of the Eurasian Folklore Festival in the Republic of Bashkortostan: a Model of International Folklore Festival as a Place of “Dialog of Cultures” 88
Kharakterov N. O. Reinterpretation of Medieval Imaginary
as a Specific Case of Thinking Historical Reinterpretation 96
Gumenyuk A. N., Khmelnitskaya O. V. “Design School” and “Art School”: Similarities and Differences of the Notions 106
Fedorova E. S. Media asceticism in the Content-Conceptual and Value Discourses of Digital Culture: The Logic of Reversibility 113

of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts

Medvedeva A. R. Strategies for Involvement in Scientific Activities at the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts 123
New publications. E. V. Volkova 128
Authors 131

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